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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Big update to our new restaurants page!

 I just did a big update to our "New restaurants in Spokane" page at

If you're looking for new places coming soon it's an awesome resource with new places like- 


New Love Coffee (new locations)

Mac Daddy's (new location)

The Mango Tree (new locations)

Hungree Bee

Chipotle Airway Heights

Popeyes Airway Heights

Popeyes North Spokane

Tamale Box



Habit Burger Grill

Porter's Real BBQ

Off the Wall


Jones Smokehouse and Cantina

Original Pancake House

Shiki Sushi Bar & Japanese Grill

Dos Gordos

Zozo's Sandwich House

Ottimo Sandwich Shop

The Wobbly Goblin Tavern

Beard Papa's


House of Brunch


There's more about each of these on our new restaurants page ( . Many even have their own posts on our main website. If I missed any or have questions, feel free to reach out anytime to