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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Curtains Rise Again: The Garland Theater's grand return with exciting upgrades coming on March 1st

 In a story of resilience the landmark Garland Theater, has prevailed over adversity and is now set to reopen on March 1st under the new ownership of Chris Bovey, Tyler Arnold and Jasmine Barnes. Over the past two months new owners and a dedicated team of volunteers have poured countless hours into updating the theater to get it ready.

Courtesy image- noteworthy the theater will be selling 45 of these 24x36 posters for $45 in honor of when the theater was built.

" This project is unlike anything I've experienced before.  It's heartwarming to see so many individuals from our community coming together to contribute and revive the Garland. The support has been nothing short of inspiring," said Bovey. In addition to Bovey's artistic touch to the revival, local artists Daniel Lopez and Matt Johnson have contributed to stunning murals inside the Garland Theater. Additionally, new display cases will feature Arnold's authentic movie memorabilia collection. 

The theater is also introducing a new membership program called the "Movie Club" where for just $5 a year members can enjoy free movie screenings every Sunday, fostering a sense of community among movie lovers. 

The official re-opening of the Garland Theater is planned for March 1st with a screening of the filmed in Spokane classic, Benny & Joon. The feature will be at 7:30 with doors opening at 6:30, tickets will be available online but with the theaters new website under construction that will be announced on their social media soon (link below). The opening movie will still be just $5.

The Garland Theater has been a Spokane landmark since 1945 and is dedicated to preserving the cinematic experience with a commitment to 35mm films. For more information on the Garland Theater follow their new social media pages via Instagram or Facebook .