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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Assisted Living development proposal irks some in Coeur d Alene Place.

Residents in the Coeur d' Alene's Coeur d Alene Place subdivision are concerned over a proposal being brought to Coeur d Alene city council at the Feb. 21st meeting. The proposal has already cleared the Planning and Zoning Committee by a 3-1 vote.The proposal is for an assisted living community on St. Michelle Dr. near Woodland Middle School.The development is being brought up by a couple from Coeur d Alene in partnership with another couple from Post Falls,The 2 of which currently own another assisted living facility off of 4th St. directly across from Coeur d Alene High School.The developers choose the land near Woodland Middle School because of the school being so close,They note of prior success with the students from the schools being active with their elderly neighboors nearby and helping them out when they can.The site is on 5.7 acres of surplus land held by the Coeur d Alene School District but being sold to the partners,The property if developed will by 5 homes,and admin building and a storage building all designed to fit in with the surrounding neighboorhood.The facility will handle up to 80 residents at a time and provide up to 40 jobs and while the project sounds appealing nearby residents are not quite as sure,Their issue is mostly over traffic and parking issues in the already high traffic area,over 100 people have submitted negitive notices to city council and many of those will most likly show up to the meeting on Feb. 21st when the issue comes up to council.I'll watch this more and update on here and facebook after that meeting with more....