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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

El Rancho Mobile Home Park shutting

The El Rancho Mobile Home Park which has been at the corner of Mullan Ave. and Hwy 41 in Post Falls for over 50 years is shutting down leaving the high traffic corner giving residents,most of which are low income and some on the verge of being homelessness, only 6 months to find housing elsewhere.The El Rancho has 45 remaining units and almost all homes in the mobile home park are too old to be safely moved as is.The park some time ago was sold to a company called 41 and Mullan Investments,LLC which is a part of Vandervert Construction of Spokane,recently Vandervert and some of their investors split up forming FF,LLC which now owns the park and wants the now in demand commercial corner clear.It's not clear what if anything is planned for the 9 acre site but at one point I heard a rumor of a Safeway store but that was not from a official source so I'll have to keep my eyes out on this one,hopefully more to come this summer...