Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silver Lake Mall now part of Rouse Properties

Rouse Properties a regional mall owner and developer that was a spin off of General Growth Properties after GGP filed to restructure after a few years of tough economic times for their shopping centers across the United States.General Growth had owned Spokane's Northtown Mall and Spokane Valley Mall in Spokane but will place Coeur d Alene's Silver Lake Mall under the newly formed Rouse Properties.It's unclear what if any things will change with the new mall owner but a recent e-mail sent to the mall's mailing list hints at wifi and possibly new stores on the horizon. Hopefully Rouse can do some things to help Silver Lake Mall as it's clearly seen better days,the property is kept up but with Hallmark closing and Maurice's moving out soon in the already relativity small mall a lot will be needed.


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