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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

landmark Holiday Inn undergoing remodel

For that last few years as you head north out of Downtown Spokane on Division St near the beginning of the Division/Ruby couplet you'll notice a hotel on a steep cliff known as the Holiday Inn On The Rock.The hotel is definatly noticeable with it's unique location and it now will become even more noticeable as the hotel is undergoing a full remodal. Hotel owners, Basalt Hospitality which is partly owned by former NFL star Mark Ryken are investing 1.5 million dollars in the property adding over 2,000 sq feet to the lobby and breakfast area and redoing the entire exterior.Once complete the hotel will have a large deck looking out over Downtown Spokane and look almost bavarian as seen in this example of the finished product....

The hotel will remain open during construction which is now well underway.