Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Northern Quest Casino's newly expanded buffet now open

A favorite stop of many Northern Quest Casino guests has always been a meal at the Casino's River's Edge Buffet because of it's selection of several different kinds of lunches,dinners and of course desserts. And now the Casino's owner The Kalispel Tribe of Indians has just wrapped up a major expansion of the buffet to increase the offerings and dining space.

The new River's Edge Buffet includes the former buffer space as well as the space that it took over from the now closed Woodlands Restaurant for a grand total of 11,000 square feet of restaurant space located in a family friendly area of the Casino directly next door to the Pond Orielle Pavilion (The Casino's event center). The newly expanded buffet offers a Vegas Style dining experience with several new action stations and a pizza station for pizza's made on dough milled locally by Shepard's Grain Flour of Reardan.

But if your concerned your favorite item from the old buffet might not have made it to the new River's Edge menu have no fear as many items are still available. The buffet at Northern Quest is open 7 days a week from 7am till 10pm also with a Sunday brunch that features a chocolate fountain is available on Sunday's from 7am till 3:30pm.

For more info on the River's Edge Buffet and the entire Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Airway Heights visit-


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  2. I am so angry and disappointed! I have wanted to try the very expensive seafood buffet for some time now. I own a house right by this establishment! We went to the all you can eat seafood buffet around 8:30 pm. We were so excited! The food was wonderful, what was not old and left out too long.
    My complaint--the hostess was not very friendly, young blond pony tail, and did NOT tell us we were coming in right before the place closed!!! I would not have gone in at that time!!! We ended up getting on plate before the good food selections were gone. I asked an employee how long the buffet was open and she said 11. After one plate, they took away the extra plates and began to take away the food, there were still people eating! Then the waitress began to harass us from about 9:30pm telling us we better go get more food they are closing, then she came by 10 min later and said the desert is closing.
    We were ultimately literally KICKED out at about 10:30--I was told earlier we could finish our food and not be kicked out!! I did not get my money's worth, because they came by every 20 min to kick us out I was anxious the whole time. We did not get to eat our fill, and get the value for our money, which was a lot. The waitress didn't even refill our water as much as she could have because they were trying to get us to leave! Terrible experience and I am going to blog it.
    Northern Quest Casino and restaurants are missing their mark...I live right near the place and make over 100000 a year. You could be making a lot more money from me but this is the second bad experience I have had in the 4 times I have gone. You never even addressed my last complaint. Maybe they have so many people giving them money that they don't need ours, but after dinner we cancelled the gaming plans with the other 10 people coming in and told them of our experience, we went somewhere else to enjoy our evening. WE should have been told that we would not have time to enjoy the dinner. They should have said something. And their customer service sucks.


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