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Monday, April 29, 2013

KPTQ changes formats becomes 1280 Fox Sports Spokane

Spokane is like many radio markets across the nation, dominated by the San Antonio,Texas based Clear Channel as the owner of many of it's radio stations. And with big companies often come many changes to keep profitable. Recently Clear Channel ended it's country formatted station Kix 96 for the new Hits 96.1 , pop/ top-40 format and now Clear Channel is changing it up for Spokane radio once again.

Clear Channel has re branded it's station , KPTQ 1280 AM . KPTQ has been operating as a classic country station but is now a Sports radio station under the Fox Sports Radio Network and using the name 1280 FOX Sports Spokane.

1280 Fox Sports Spokane is a full sports station with games and highlights from several leagues and sports. Also soon 1280 will be home to the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Show, a morning radio show with a following around the country.

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It is also noteworthly that KPTQ was once also a progressive talk radio station until only a couple of years ago when Clear Channel switched to the classic country format. The move away from the progressive talk format angered enough people to create the Facebook page " Bring Progressive Talk Radio Back to Spokane " . For info on their movement to bring back the former station visit their page here-