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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Update on the new South Hill Target,and the Southgate District Center.

Last week I posted some info on the INBW web site about the rumored new Target store said to be opening on the South Hill nearby the corner of S. Regal St. and Palouse Hwy (That post can be found here - ) . Since then however even more about this project has come to light, and it's looking even better that Target will open, and although it is only speculation, I would expect them to open sometime in 2013.

On April 2nd a new page was created on Facebook called South Hill Target, the site which includes a disclaimer that the owner is not affiliated with Target is proving to be a great source already for the project. ( visit the South Hill Target page on Facebook here- )

The page has posted the site plan for the site which shows a large retail building on the eastern end of the site with entrances on the side of the building onto Palouse Hwy and a front main entry onto Regal just south of the intersection of Regal and Palouse.

What's also interesting is the page also gives a glimpse into what else is planned for the retail development, that is using the name Southgate District Center. Although it is also not confirmed a new Walgreen's store is also on the site just south of the main entry point, on Regal St. . The plans posted recently on Facebook do appear to be rather preliminary however as some other example site plan's are also given. All of which do include a site large enough for Target and a few other un-named retail spaces.

A second Facebook page was also created from what seems to be the same person with info on the Southgate District Center project as a whole, That page can be found here-

We will continue to watch this developing story and whenever we find out new news we will post on here and on our Facebook page, which can be found here-