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Monday, April 8, 2013

Stage Left Theater,a new community preforming arts center opens in Downtown Spokane

Those with an interest in plays and the preforming arts have a new local venue in Downtown Spokane with the recent opening of the Stage Left Theater located in a small storefront at 108 W. 3rd Ave near Division St. . The Stage Left Theater is owned and operated by a community theather group that was formed a little while back but only opened the new theater in early 2013.

Patrons at the Stage Left Theater won't find a giant playhouse like the INB but insted a small quaint theather filled up confortable seats and preformers who are ginuinely intersted their craft. Also the group , Stage Left Theater Assoiation , is a non profit that plans to open the theater to other local preforming arts groups who may be looking for a place to rent for their own preformances,practices,etc...

The new Spokane Stage Left Theater will be open to the public during an open house planned for Sat. April 13th from 4 to 6 pm.

For more info on the Stage Left Theater visit their website at-

Or find them on Facebook.