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Monday, January 9, 2017

Albertson's to close 2 Spokane stores

The Albertson's grocery store chain has announced they plan to shutter two more stores in the Spokane area. The 2 stores affected will be:

Albertson's Wanderemere - 12312 N. Division Spokane

Comstock Neighborhood Albertson's - 510 E. 37th Ave Spokane

At this point all other Albertson' stores in our area will remain open and employees of these two stores will be offered positions within those stores and potentially Safeway stores as the two grocery store chains merged about 2 years ago.

The closures are due to lower then desired sales at the stores. Both will close on Feb. 25th however this may change for the Wandermere location as it has also been in today's news for flooding after the fire sprinkler systems malfunctioned flooding much of the store overnight last night ( possibly due to recent poor weather ) .

Also today Albertson's announced the closure of a store in Yakima on 40th Ave for the same reason. These three closure announcements however appear to be the only ones included at this time for Eastern Washington.