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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Work may start soon for a new shopping center on Regal, across from Target

S. Regal from 46th Ave southward to 57th Ave. is in a time of transition. Within the last couple of years we've seen the new Target / PetSmart anchored Regal Plaza shopping center open. And, likely within the next few months we'll hear who will be going into the Commons on Regal commercial development near 55th & Regal and when construction will start there. But, that's not all in this commercial corridor as KXLY ( yes, the TV & radio company KXLY ) and a couple of real estate brokers are now going full steam ahead for another new shopping center. Their planned center would be directly across S. Regal from the Target center and even utilize an entry point via the S. Regal / Palouse Hwy intersection.

The new KXLY shopping center , which is currently going by the name KXLY South Complex is hoping to start construction this Spring. And, once the full build out of the project is reached it will contain 180,550 square feet of retail / restaurant space and over 800 parking spaces in the surface parking lots that will be mostly placed behind the buildings in an effort to make the shopping center more pedestrian friendly.

Currently one tenant is already signed onto opening a store at the shopping center. The name of that tenant has not been released but it is said to be a 48,000 sq. foot regional grocery store chain. The chain is not new to Spokane, and there is a rumor of this being a new Yoke's Fresh Market but it is not confirmed. Several other national and local tenants are also considering leasing space in the development and we expect to hear of at least a couple more planned tenants before construction gets underway.

We don't have a rendering of what the new shopping center might look like just yet as they will go before the City of Spokane's design review board later tonight to help hammer out a design that meets all of the city's needs and wants. The current plans call for 2 multi tenant in-line buildings along Regal south from Palouse, a smaller building behind one of the inline buildings ( maybe a bank ? ) and the building for the regional grocery store chain also right along Regal on the southern section of the project site. Several more buildings would also be built on the back half of the site, but these will be included in a future phase.

As part of the project KXLY will actually acquire a piece of the Southeast Sports Complex from the city of Spokane to allow an entry road to the enter the shopping center from the corner of Palouse Rd. & Regal , where the Sports Complex currently has it's parking lot. As part of that sale KXLY will construct a new soccer field on the back half of the their land and the parking lot will be re-configured. The $300,000 the city will receive from KXLY for the land acquisition will go towards future trail development within the Southgate neighborhood.

Marketing of space within the new KXLY shopping center but will certainly be done by Kimele & Hagood of Spokane. Keep watching for more...


What businesses would you like to see open at this new KXLY South Complex?

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