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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Two more mixed use buildings being planned in Kendall Yards

Kendall Yards has many many construction projects in the works right now from new apartments to a new medical office building and even a grocery store and more. But as if that wasn't enough happening in the trendy development, I've uncovered documents from a City of Spokane pre-development conference that we may see construction start soon on two more mixed use buildings.

The developers are working on two buildings side by side on the south side of W. Summit Pkwy. ( the main road in Kendall Yards ) . This is on the vacant lots just east of The Inlander's office space and west of N. Monroe. Plans are for the building further west to be a six story building with retail space below and " residential " above but it doesn't mention if the residential is to be apartments or condos.

The further east of the two buildings will be a smaller building with four stories, still with retail space on the ground floor and in this case office space above . Both buildings would share a underground parking structure which plans call for between 250-300 parking spaces.

Not much is known about these new buildings but given Kendall Yards history of growth this will likely happen. The only questions are when it will be built and what it will contain, condos or apartments, what kinds of stores / restaurants ? There is mention that construction should start this Summer.

We'll keep an eye on this development and the rest of Kendall Yards. But, first a quick question  " what would you like to see come to Kendall Yards? " Comment to this articles post of Facebook at