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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What we're working on...

In-between posts on here I'm always looking into leads on new businesses and restaurants. Most always I have several going at one time but I figured I'd take a moment to share some of the cooler things that I know but don't have enough info to share just yet....

* Building permits are now in a pending state to renovate the abandoned Otis Hotel building on 1st Downtown. A Portland based developer is purposing opening a Hotel Indigo franchise there, apparently sooner rather then later. This has already been mentioned on this site but we're hoping for even more details.

* Amy's Donuts, a small Colorado Springs based chain of donut shops with crazy flavors often involving candy bars, cereals and more is planning on opening a location in Spokane Valley in 2018. I have contacted them 3 or 4 times and still no response on the local store but we will have more some day. Until we have more info, check them out at

* The Circle K convenience store chain looks to be coming to Spokane as they have building plans for 3 locations within the Spokane city limits. Quite possibly more will come too as all the info I have is in the city.

* The renovation of the Tradewinds Hotel in Downtown Spokane shouldn't be too much longer. Originally the hotel was supposed to be open by now as a Howard Johnson but the parent company decided the hotel didn't fit that brand so there have been a few delays. It reportedly will open as a Baymont Inn & Suites and we'll have the details on it soon.

Got a tip on one of these items, or maybe you know of a new business I don't know about , whatever the reason contact me at

And, you can now reach me on Reddit at inlandnwbusiness

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