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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Walgreens eyes Downtown Spokane site for new " community pharmacy " concept

Walgreens, the huge national pharmacy chain is coming to Downtown Spokane. But, this won't be a traditional Walgreens as most people know them, that's because this store will be part of their newer community pharmacy concept of stores. This means this new store won't have any retail sales, just the pharmacy.

Per an article from a recently opened location in Grand Rapids, Mi. these stores are specialty pharmacy's geared towards patient care for those battling complex conditions like cancer, CF and others. The stores are small with room for just the pharmacy and some support / employee office space.

The planned Spokane Walgreens Community Pharmacy location will be approximately 1300 square feet on the South side of Downtown Spokane. The store will be in the recently remodeled building at 327 W. 3rd, at the corner of 3rd & Washington. Currently the store is in the planning phase but notes on the plan indicate the may begin construction as early as the middle of April.

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