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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new business comes to town with an answer to a reported scam.

Over the last month or so people in Coeur d' Alene and the surrounding area have been reporting people coming door to door concerning a company going around asking people to purchase their energy conservation products,Even at one point making Avista issue a statement on the issue and clearing the air that they we're not to blame and that the salespeople had used a claim that if the home owner purchased the conservation product they would qualify for a rebate from Avista something Avista assures in the same press release that only Avista employees can promise such rebates.That all said we now know the door to door sales people are from a new company that just opened in Coeur d Alene called Rocky Mountian Insulation and their new Coeur d' Alene office is at 840 E. Best Ave .They employ 9 and will continue to be out in the Coeur d Alene area going door to door selling Insulation.On a personal level I just hope they work on their sales pitch a bit,ok a lot....But I wish them luck.