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Friday, December 30, 2011

R.I.P Rathdrum Star

Part of why I started doing this blog was to point out to everyone who is so down on the Inland Northwest less then ideal economy that there is still new jobs being created and new business opening, so it always is a sad moment to write of a recently closed business but this one seems to be a bit sader then usual as Wednesday's Rathdrum Star was the last issue for the small weekly newspaper that has been in print for a little more then 7 years.The paper had a circulation of 10,100 and was a fun read because it feature mostly local stories and was good source of info for the Rathdrum area however due to increaseing costs to mail the paper and few advertisers willing to purchance ad space in today's economy Publisher Tom Burnett decided now was good time to retire a close the Rathdrum Star.All good things must come to end I suppose but The Rathdrum Star will be missed.