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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update Dec 1st 2011

I can't belive it's December already,Hope your all having a great holiday season so far....Now,here is some news....

Primer Urgent Care which is a branch company off of Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls has been airing a radio ad saying they will open a 2nd urgent care location in early 2012 at 315 W. Dalton Ave. in Coeur d Alene which is the Dalton Professional Building and home to Discount Communtions,a regional Dish Network reseller.

I'm not sure when exactly it opened but I noticed a new cell phone acc. kiosk in Spokane Valley Mall's center court called,Cellaris.

Popular North Idaho blogger of Get Out North Idaho has started his own business with .The site is a portal site for info on Coeur d' Alene and things to do and business to shop at.

Crafty Cravings is a new decor and gift shop located in Post Falls along Seltice Way in the same strip mall as Upscale Mail.

Probably the biggest news in Spokane Valley business wise is the new Wal-Mart will be breaking ground soon.The store will take about a year start to finish so look for it to open next fall.The store is to be located at 5025 E. Sprague Ave which is next to Costco.Some may remember the site as it was at one time proposed to be a Sam's Club but Wal-Mart has chosen to scale back it's Sam's Club expansions.This is good news since it will hopfully get some of the crowds down at the exsisting Valley Wal-mart on Broadway near Sullivan Rd.

It's offical the site near Frontier Ice Arena along Seltice Way inbetween Coeur d Alene and Post Falls will be a large apartment complex and work is already well underway.The site will be 9 4 -story buildings housing a total of 120 units and a clubhouse with commercial lots out front along Seltice Way.The name is to be Mill River Aparments.

Sacred Heart Hospital is expanding it's ER department and moving some things around to accomplish it.They have already broken ground and plan to have the new are open late next year.The expansion includes a new children's ER area and new entry.It's funded in part by a 3 million dollar donation by Mark Rypkin who was a Washington Redskins player and former Super Bowl MVP.The expansion is to be about 4,000 new square feet and will need about 300 construction jobs.

I'm not sure how new they are but I noticed has opened their offices in the office suites above Koener's Furniture along Hwy 95 at Dalton Ave in Coeur d Alene.

Big news for the tiny town of State Line,Id. as the bridge over the Spokane River is finally back open with an all new span.It looks very nice and will finally get some of the former traffic flows back thru the small town which is the way to access the Post Falls Cabela's store/Wal-Mart and several other bars and stores.

Smokin' Legal Anywhere which is store the sells e-cigs has a new location at 9301 N. Division Ave Suite A which is just north of KFC.

Grandma Zula's Kitchen is the name of the new restuant in Post Falls that the owners say offers home cooking and the feel of walking into you Grandma's Kitchen.The site is 306 N Spokane St Suite K and has most recently been The Wooden Shoe Eatery and Milltown Grill.

Panda Express is building a new building at 5016 E. Sprague Ave in Spokane Valley their will also be a new small strip mall nearby their new resturant.

Sparrow Boutique and Jewelry Bar is a new business open at 915 E. Hawthorne Suite B in North Spokane.

For the holiday season a kiosk selling Eastern Washington University gifts and memorabilia will be in River Park Square in Downtown Spokane.

If your looking for daycare for a senior citizen a new one has just opened in Hayden,The name is Merry Lane Home and is just 7.50 an hour.The home is located at 1025 Forrest Park Ln.

Parkway Auto Center from Deer Park has expanded to Spokane with a new liquation dealership located at 28 E. Montgomery near the interection of Ruby and Montgomery.

Spokane Valley Meals on Wheels has expanded their offices and warehouse space to a new site at 12101 E Sprague Ave.

Apperently opening last Summer was Destiny Clothing which is a full men's and women's clothing store near Northtown Mall at 114 E Wellesley Ave.

Local artist Ed Gilmore has opened a new gallery in Downtown Spokane called Studio 66 Art Gallery and it is located at 104 S. Division,near where Sprague and Division meet.

MartinelliMick PLLC is a new full service accounting firm that opened in the Rock Pointe Tower at 316 W Boone Ave in Spokane.They do audits,reviews and other tax services.

Walgreen's is planning on building a new store directly on Hamilton Ave. near the Gonzaga Campus.

Big news from Liberty Lake as Liberty Mutual Insurance is taking over and remodeling for their use roughly 100,000 sq. feet of Greenstone's Meadowwood Tech. Campus along Molter Rd. in Liberty Lake.The site should be in business next year.

Communtity Health Assoiation of Spokane is doing a remodel of it's clinic located at 3919 N Maple in Spokane.

And last but not least for today,The Post Falls Theather in Post Falls on Seltice Way is as of tommorrow becoming a discount theather with second run movies and an admission cost of just 2 dollars.The change is due to the owner needing to buy a 800,000 dollar digital projector system which he could not afford in today's ecomomy.To start to new discount format all movies on the saturday are free!