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Monday, June 4, 2012

Spokane Liquor Store changes

It's official , as of June 1st Washington State's voted in I-1183 has gone into effect and for the general public that means fine spirits like Rum, Whiskey, Vodka and many more can be purchased in local grocery stores and Pharmacies. But from a business standpoint in means the closure of all Liquor Stores owned by the state in the Spokane area. Prior to I-1183 going into effect The State of Washington auctioned of the rights to those stores to private individuals but all but 1 Spokane area Liquor Store have now closed because those private individuals must find there own location or negotiate a new lease with the current building owners . If the store is moved it must by law be re-opened within 1 mile of the former store location.

The aforementioned still open Liquor Store is The South Hill Liquor Store at 57th and Perry as that store was operating under an private state contract. The other Spokane Liquor Stores that have now closed are...

In Spokane
-Manito Shopping Center Liquor Store, which is now owned by Tajinderpal Singh
-Garland Liquor Store
-Hillyard Liquor Store
- 3rd and Cedar St Liquor Store

In Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake
-U-City Liquor Store in Spokane Valley
-East Sprague Liquor Store( near the Spokane Valley Costco) now owned by Ryan Godell.
-Liberty Lake Liquor Store

The change effects not only these locations but all formerly state owned stores throughout out Washington. Keep checking back with Inland Northwest Business Watch for when and where these stores will re-open.