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Monday, June 25, 2012

Spokane Valley medical building returning

Last year the unthinkable happened to the tenants a patients who used the Valley Mission Professional Building in Spokane Valley. The building which was largely medical office space suffered an early morning explosion and fire created by gas tanks located inside a dental office. The building which is located across the street from Valley Hospital off of Mission in Spokane Valley is now putting the finishing touches on a complete rebuild and now tenants are coming back and re-opening after they we're forced into temporary locations elsewhere in the Valley.

The businesses returning or have already returned to the Valley Mission Professional Building are...

-Dentist Tom Conlon (open)
-Valley Mission Homecare Pharmacy (open,after operating out of a trailer in the parking lot for some time after the fire)
-Spokane Obstetrics and Gynecology (open)
-Providence Valley Family Physicians (open)
-Dentist offices of Higuchi and Skinner (re-opens in early July,this was the unit where the fire orginated)
-A new tenant yet to be named

Only one tenant could not return,that tenant is Summit Rehabilitation .