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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fusion Flours opens new gluten free take out bakery in Spokane

Nationally thousands of people deal day to day with an allergy to gluten, a common ingredient in many foods and found in wheat making it sometimes next to impossible to find groceries or go out to eat. But residents of Spokane that live with a intolerance to gluten can rejoice because of a new local business now open in North Spokane.

That new local business is called Fusion Flours. Fusion has been in business in Spokane for sometime actually as a wholesaler of gluten free flours for several local restaurants but now Fusion Flours has taken the leap into operating their own retail shop. Fusion officially opened their brand new retail bakery in early March and have since garnered much attention for the public and even the media. Fusion Flours new bake shop is located nearby Northtown Mall at 120 E. Wellesley Ave.

At the new Fusion Flours shop is plenty of gluten free baked goods that you would come to expect from such a shop like breads and scones. But also available is many gluten free meal choices like pizza and other dinner entrees / snacks. More new items may also be added as the new business evolves.

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