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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spokane International Airport to offer new flights

The Summer months are just around the corner and this year Spokane Internation Airport has created 2 new flight services in and out of Spokane just in time for a summer vacation or a business trip ,but really more for a summer vacation just because it's more fun to think about!

The new flights from Spokane include...

Allegiant Air - Spokane to Honalulu,Hawaii

Chances are you've noticed the Allegant Air ad's on the TV or in the newspaper. That's because Allegiant is a completely new airline for Spokane. Allegiant Air is budget airline that is based in Enterprise,Nevada . Allegiant Air despite being a smaller and low cost airline does have a decent safety record with the Allegiant page on Wikipedia only making note of 2 accidents both of which we're a few years ago.

Flights in and out of Spokane at this point in time only go to Hawaii and as a intoduction to the local market the flights are / we're marketed at a cost of 144.00 one way,however this is before taxes and fees.

A previous post,which includes Allegiant's info and website on Inland Northwest Business Watch can be found here-

Delta Air - Spokane to Los Angeles ( LAX )

Delta Air currently offers non stop flights from Spokane to Salt Lake City and Minneapolis and starting June 10th will include non stop flight service to LAX. Delta will offer these flights with wifi and the traditional 2 class plane layout. The plane to be used for the LAX flight can seat 76.

Spokane International Airport serves 3 millions passengers annually on 7 different airlines. In all 13 different major cities are serviced with non stop flight service from Spokane and the Airport management continues to invest in the airport and region with new flights and airport services.

For more info on Spokane International Airport and the flights at the Airport visit their website at-