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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Huppin's closing Downtown Spokane store

After over 100 years of operation in Downtown Spokane Huppin's ,  a landmark retailer of TV's ,Camera's and other electronics announced a couple of weeks ago that it will close their store at 421 W Main across from Auntie's Bookstore / Sante' Resturant in Downtown Spokane. No word as of now however on an offical closing date for the store.

Huppin's however is not closing completly. The company also operates a store in North Spokane near the The Y which will remain open. That store is larger and much newer with it opening only back in 2010. The North Spokane Huppin's store can be found at 8016 N Division.

Also the company plans to keep it's online shopping site open. The site which is owned by Huppin's has been a primary part of the companies business since the site went live back in 1994.

A closing sale for the Downtown Spokane Huppin's is already underway,Huppin's management also intends to keep on as many of the Downtown store's 15 employees as possible but does admit layoff's are possible. The Downtown Huppin's opened it's doors in 1908 as a taylor shop elsewhere in the Downtown area and became the electronics retailler that we see today during the 1950's.

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