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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lavadog, Hawaiian hot dog joint opens in Hayden

One of the key aspects I look for when looking at new businesses to post about on this site is uniqueness. If a business is new and brings something new to the area it will go to top of the my list.

Such is defiantly the case with the Lavadog , a new fast service restaurant now open in Hayden. The business can be found in the same shopping center as the Hayden Super 1 grocery store at 180 W. Hayden Ave, by Hayden and US 95.

Lavadog is a locally owned and operated Hawaiian themed hot dog restaurant with a menu full of specialty hot dogs topped with a variety of delicious items. All hot dogs served at Lavadog are 1/4 pound and made of 100% beef.

Here is a look at the Lavadog menu via the businesses Facebook page ( )

Sorry the menu pictures are so blurry as they had to be blown up from their original size. A good way to find out parts of the menu that are unable to be read is the check Lavadog out in person.
And there is one more thing that sets Lavadog apart from the other new businesses opening now around area. And that is how much it looked like this place was never actually going to get here....
Lavadog actually began the process of setting up shop in the Super 1 shopping center during the late fall of last year. The space sat, appearing ready to open, with signage and everything for a number of months. Honestly this blogger had even written this one off as probably not going to ever open. So, it is very satisfying to see that they have overcome whatever issue kept them from opening and are now officially open.
Lavadog is open Monday - Saturday from 11am - 7pm
For more information on Lavadog, find them on Facebook at-
There is also a website planned for Lavadog at , , however as of posting time it appears to still be under construction.