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Monday, July 7, 2014

Major expansion coming to Big R's Coeur d' Alene location

The popular Big R Stores chain is planning a major expansion of it's store in Coeur d' Alene. In fact the expansion will make the mid box store about 3 times larger.

Site work and grading is already underway on the expansion site which is adjacent to the current building. Plans call for the building to be expanded to the South and onto land that's partly behind the neighboring Great Floors store.

Once the expansion is complete the Coeur d' Alene Big R will have over 80,000 square feet of floor space. With all the new space some of the store's seasonal departments will become permanent departments.

The store is located at 170 E. Kathleen Ave within sight of the major Kathleen & Government Way intersection. The store was originally a location of the much smaller D & B Farm & Home chain which had a similar verity of merchandise and was acquired by Big R Stores in 2011.

Big R Stores are big box farm and home retailer with a large verity of departments. In recent years the chain has expanded their product mix and includes farm , home , automotive and sporting goods items among others.

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