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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Follow up on Northtown Mall's renovations

In October of last year INBW was one of the first to break the news of the coming renovations at Northtown Mall ( not too brag or anything! ) . But at that time we we're told and posted that the renovations would begin in first part of 2014. But now here it is July and it seems like not much has happened yet.

So, we figured it was about time to ask and see what is going on with this large project. And as it turns out the project, has in fact begun!

Construction actually started recently, with Northtown's management telling me that all of the work at this time is being done in the back of house, out of sight of the mall's customers. Currently workers are adding structural bracing to replace with structural elements that will be removed by the demolition on the north side of building.

The next phase of construction, however will be more visible with barricades,etc... being place inside the mall corridors probably sometime in August with no official date for that phase to start. Also, the move of tenants out of the north side corridor is complete, which was also a major undertaking for the mall's staff.

Any new tenants?

Here at INBW we've been asked a couple times for confirmation of rumors new restaurants and tenants coming to the mall's newly re-developed section. We asked about this as well, but the mall cannot release any names as of now. I'd guess we'll probably learn more about anything new later this year since completion is still looking to be around the start of next year.

Among, the tenants we've heard of being rumored to open at Northtown include-

The Cheesecake Factory

Dave & Busters

Buffalo Wild Wings

But, we cannot be sure for some time. We will continue keeping an ear out for confirmation and additional rumors.

So, what all is planned to be done to Northtown Mall?

To sum it up of what is all planned on this project check out this previous posting-

Renderings of the finished look of the north side of Northtown can also be found at -