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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Veraci Pizza opens today in Kendall Yards

Today, July 16th is opening day for one of the most highly anticipated new restaurants in Spokane. Today at 11am is official public opening for the new Veraci Pizza in Kendall Yards.

Veraci, for those who don't know already is a popular pizza business around Spokane. The business has built a name for itself travelling with a mobile oven around to many local farmers markets during the summer months. The business makes a variety of delicious pizzas using the 1000 degree wood fired oven while never have an actual permanent home. That is until now...

Veraci Pizza is now in a newly built stand alone building on Summit Pkwy next door to the Inlander's offices in Kendall Yards, just north of Downtown Spokane. The building overlooks the Spokane River and is actually the last in a short series of restaurants to open recently in the Kendall Yards urban mixed use development.

Veraci Pizza still uses a wood fired oven and will also continue serving pizza at area farmers markets. The business is owned and operated locally by Seth & Laura Carey and was even voted Best Pizza in Spokane by the blog four years in a row.

We we're unable to find a graphic copy of Veraci's menu to share with you, the INBW readers . However some info about the business can be found on their website- or via Facebook at

Veraci Pizza is also affiliated Veraci Pizza in Seattle. That location is at 500 NW Market St. , Seattle. The official address for the Spokane location is 1333 W. Summit Pkwy.