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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ruby Apartments, large apartment building to rise near Gonzaga

While the project is still new enough for us not to have every detail on it as of today, we can confirm that a large new apartment building is going up very soon on land along N. Ruby nearby Gonzaga University.

The new apartments will be part of the University District and will be located at 940 N. Ruby, just north of the new ARC of Spokane Thrift Store and the Spokane River. Both pre development info and grading/ site work permits have been filed with the city and construction will be done by the locally based Baker Construction & Development.

In the permits the apartment complex is listed as Ruby Apartments, so it is assumed this will be the apartments name once opened. Ruby Apartments plans show 61 total apartments with 6 floors including 1 ground floor which would used for parking for the apartment tenants and guests.

The project, which is being developed by Preferred Asset Partners of California will offer 3 apartment options. There will be 1 one bedroom , 40 two bedroom and 20 three bedroom apartments in all.

We are working on gathering more info on this project which appears to be just another addition in what might be a bit of a renaissance for the section of University District along Division / Ruby north of Downtown.  Another major project, in the former Burgans Furniture building will be wrapping up later this year and a couple of other sites have seen development for the first time really since before the economy took it's turn.