Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What would you like to see come to Northtown Mall?

Today a few local media outlets covered the planned renovations to Northtown Mall. And, not too brag or anything but INBW already covered this story a while back.
( link : http://www.inlandnwbusiness.com/2013/10/northtown-mall-planning-massive-remodel.html )

And, in addition to that coverage, the folks over at KREM 2 News created a slideshow / Facebook posting asking what businesses Spokane wants to see come to the new space, opening next year at Northtown Mall.
( link- http://www.krem.com/news/slideshows/12-businesses-shoppers-want-to-a-Northtown-Mall--272779901.html?gallery=y&c=y&ref=%2Fnews%2Fslideshows )

So, I want to know, what business do YOU, the INBW reader want to see come to the mall? Or just Spokane in general?

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1 comment:

  1. that slideshow cracks me up

    1) Cracker Barrel needs a good sized parking lot. a giant part of their market is RVers and they love promoting that... not a chance in hell you'll get RVers to park their motorhomes in the Northtown mall parking lot
    2) Whole Foods, but wait, didn't the other blog post have them rumored for Kendall Yards? Personally, it'll fail in northtown mall location (wrong market) and it's not what Kendall Yards needs. (per my reply to the Kendall Yards posting, they need a local solution like Huckleberries market)
    3) In and Out also prefers having a GOOD drive through, not mall locations. That kills that one
    4) Cheesecake factory?!? Sure, i love the place, but again, that's not the market of people looking to flop $20/person on a meal
    5) Panera and Old Navy might just be the only two on that list that will thrive!
    6) Lego store... even as a GIANT fan of lego, i just don't see a lego exclusive story surviving there
    7) as for the rest, how many restaurants can we shove into one mall before calling it just a giant foodcourt?!?!


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