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Monday, August 11, 2014

First look at the Sportman's Warehouse development's site plan

In case you haven't heard the news , which we wrote about back in February. Sportsman's Warehouse is returning to Spokane with a new store, we now hear that store will open next spring, but with no official opening date.

The store will be built in North Spokane , along N. Division in-between Lyons Ave. and Wedgewood. The site has been mostly vacant for several years after another commercial development at the site failed in the early 2000's. Only one building was partially built and then abandoned. It's that abandoned building that will be remodeled into the new Sportman's Warehouse store. More info the new Sportsman's Warehouse store can be found via this former INBW article-

But what about the rest of the large parcel of prime commercial development land? One would expect with such a large piece of land that a number of new businesses could be expected. But, while more new businesses will be coming, it doesn't look like a lot of businesses. In fact with the site plan as it looks today only two businesses, other then Sportsman's Warehouse , will be on the site.

To the south of the new Sportsman's Warehouse store will be another large building with no announced tenant or construction timeline. However, that building appears to be set for another mid or big box store. The extra building will be around 40,000 square feet and will share the same parking area as Sportsman's Warehouse.

In addition the site plan calls for a restaurant pad site, probably for some form of sit down, maybe even chain restaurant. However there is no announced tenant or construction timeline for it either. That restaurant site will be directly at the corner of N. Division and Lyons Ave.

The Carl's Jr. restaurant just north of Lyons Ave along Division appears to be staying in place. There is also an abandonded A&W fast food restaurant on the site. We do also have news on that building which we will be posting soon.

The project seems to not have been named yet and is headed up by locally based developer Harlan Douglass.