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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

David's Pizza WILL be opening on former Wonder Bread factory site

I have personally not received confirmation of this, but some work has started and even the Inlander is reporting confirmation that David's Pizza WILL in fact be opening nearby the Spokane Arena in a building directly next to, and on the same property as the abandoned Wonder Bread factory.

Liquor licenses and some building permits are in for David's Pizza at 803 N. Post. The historic building has been rumored and even confirmed once a long time back as where David's, a Spokane landmark business would someday open. But for various reasons we went a couple of years with progress, that is, until now...

The Inlander says that Mark Starr, owner of the locally owned and operated restaurant, has told them that the new restaurant will open in the fall. But we have no sources saying anything about exact plans as of yet. We'll keep looking for more and post it on this site as soon as we know.

David's Pizza was a landmark on the Hamilton Ave. business corridor, immediately east of Gonzaga, for a good many years, earning a very positive reputation locally. But in 2011/2012 that property was sold , with David's demolished for a shopping center that was filled for only a short time with chain restaurants. Today that center, located at 829 E. Boone, still has a couple of food service tenants but a few have already closed up shop.

Although the landmark David's Pizza building has gone away, technically David's never left Spokane. The business's pizza's we're added to the menu at Famous Ed's ( 2911 E. 57th Ave. ) and we're told by Famous Ed's that those pizza's will not leave their menu when David's moves back to their own home. Also, David's Pizza has a location in the rotunda food court at Spokane International Airport, that location is after TSA security however.

In their announcement, The Inlander's food blotter blog also shared a photo of what the new David's Pizza might look like once open. That can be viewed on their page at-

Also, the remainder of the Wonder Bread Factory also recently went up for sale. Although we don't believe there are any plans for tenants other then David's to open at the site just yet. However, the fact that it too is now up for sale is promising news for the city. More info on the sale of the Wonder Bread Factory can be found via Spokane's Kimele & Hagood at- (pdf file )