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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big expansion / changes coming to White Box Pies, including a new name!

White Box Pies is a locally owned and operated pie, bakery and deli that basically all of Spokane has driven by due their high profile location at the corner of Sharp and Ruby. But recently this blogger started noticing some new activity at the building. And, as it turns out White Box is undergoing some major changes. Here is what is happening...

First off, White Box will no longer be White Box Pies as the business is becoming more of a restaurant experience and will now be called White Box Café and Bakery. And as the name would imply, the same baked goods ( they have a lot more then just pies! ) and pies will still be available however even the menu is changing.

The new menu will be bigger with breakfast and specialty burgers. Also as the business points out each and every employee is trained to avoid cross contamination meaning those seeking gluten free foods or most any food allergy can fell safe dining with White Box Café and Bakery.

With the new bigger menu will also be a bigger indoor dining area and even a new outdoor patio area for additional dining space. The move was made by expanding the business into a formerly empty space in the same building. The expansion, once complete will double the size of their indoor dining area.

A new logo is also coming soon, all in time for the opening of the newly expanded business probably sometime next month.

The business will also add a few new employees to handle the new extra demand, also the front door of the space will move from facing Sharp to facing Ruby meaning a new address. White Box's new address will be 1215 N. Ruby.

Not only is White Box a local business, it's also a family business with 12 years of operation. The business was even awarded Best Sandwich in the 2014 Best of Gonzaga voting and is favorite of many both on and off the Gonzaga campus.

For more on White Box Café and Bakery stop in to their business, or call 509-927-8850. Or find them online at-