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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dawn of the Donut to close for good

From the "didn't see that one coming" department, Dawn of the Donut, a popular Zombie themed donut shop on Division St. in-between Downtown and the Northtown Mall (3402 N. Division ) announced they will go out of business permanently.

The businesses last day of operation will be next week, Sept. 14th to be exact. The store is up for sale and may be able to be saved if a buyer comes forward.

The closure is for both the store and the Dawn of the Donut food truck which has been around town for the last several months. It's also noteworthy that the business as a whole is actually still new, opening about this time of year, last year. The grand opening their was meet with long lines and many local media mentions.

The closure was announced with this post on the Dawn of the Donut Facebook page ( ) -

We have sad news Spokane. Dawn of the Donut is closing our doors on Sunday September 14. Please come in and get your favorite deluxe donuts while you can over the next week plus, before they are gone. Thank you to all our fans and loyal customers.

But with a glimmer of hope is this posting about who to contact should you be interesting buying / saving the business-

Anyone interested in potentially becoming the new owner of our shop and keeping the doors open should contact Don Cunningham at (509) 327-4243

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Only a couple of day's after the closure was announced the business was sold. It, in fact will not close. The new owners seem to have big plans, already selling some décor. Adding new hours and new donut variety's . We may have more on this soon, either way Dawn of the Donut, as of now is no longer closing.