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Friday, September 26, 2014

Terrain seeks permanent home, will launch "The Campaign for Terrain"

Terrain is Spokane's, and the entire Northwest's largest art exhibition. The event began only a few years ago and has now grown to attract thousands each time. The event allows guests to take in the hundreds of pieces of art in a interesting and historic vacant building. Terrain has in fact gotten big enough to spin off a sister event called Bazaar which is more of an arts marketplace.

But the organizers behind Terrain are ready to take their passion for art to the next level. By giving Terrain a permanent home, still in Downtown Spokane. The plans call for a new non-profit art gallery and performing arts space that could be open, even on a daily basis.

And just where will this new Terrain space be? Although I don't have confirmation a recent promo e-mail mentions that space where the Terrain 7 event will be, will also be their new home. The event, and apparently their future home will be at 304 W. Pacific Ave in a historic section of Downtown Spokane that's recently became home to several other creative businesses. The building was once the warehouse for a cracker company but has sat vacant in more recent history.

To accomplish the move from art event to permanent art space, Terrain is launching a new fundraising drive called The Campaign for Terrain . The fundraising drive itself will launch next month, however some info can already be obtained on their web site-

I highly encourage everyone's support of the new drive by Terrain. Spokane's art community is a very passionate group who are growing. Such a local venue would be a huge asset to the community.

Also, as mentioned before the next Terrain event is coming up soon. Terrain 7 will take place at 304 W. Pacific on Friday, October 3rd 2014 from 5pm till Midnight. The Terrain 7 event will feature 255 artworks from 142 artist and with the entertainment of live music from 10 bands.

For more information on Terrain 7 visit the web site or this event page on Facebook-