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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Building Permit Watch: Sept. 23rd 2014 (Is Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Northtown? )

Late last week I was doing research for this blog on the City of Spokane's building permit "citizen portal ". And while I don't usually post by building permit alone ( because these items cannot be confirmed to be actually coming ) there is a LOT happening right now so I just had to mention a few.

Here is what may or may not be the big business news stories based on current building permits and / or "pre-development conferences".

* Rite Aid moving to a stand alone building near by Franklin Park Commons?

 *Another mixed use building at Kendall Yards ?

 *A second Father Bach Haven apartment building? ( Address on this listing is on Short St. )

 *Buffalo Wild Wings at Northtown Mall? ( Just a pre-development conf. . no permit yet. However this has been a long time rumor so I'd almost take this as confirmation)

* Whiz Kids moving within River Park Square?  ( If true what will take Whiz Kids place? )

Also, while not confirmed by the City of Spokane building permits I have confirmed that Northtown Mall will soon be home to a Get Air trampoline park. A chain operation that also has a location in the Tri-Cities. Although the ownership of the Tri-Cities location will not own the Spokane location.

Even though this is confirmed we don't have the exact location within the mall, an opening date or really any info. So keep watching for that....