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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Disappointing restaurant news from Downtown Spokane

While Downtown Spokane is still a hot spot for restaurants, with a new, bigger Twigs Bistro now open, The Onion's remodel and possibly a new Spokane restaurant from a contestant on Top Chef coming soon. But, amidst all the restaurants still open, there has been a couple of spots of disappointing news, including...

MacKenzie River Pizza , Grill & Pub closes it's doors Downtown

MacKenzie River Pizza has closed down their Downtown location after 2 years of operation at 818 W. Riverside Ave. The closure is likely because this location never really attracted enough customers. In fact it was opened after the chain had a location of Ciao Mambo Italian in the same location.

It is important to note however MacKenzie River Pizza is a chain establishment, and this is the only location that has closed locally. Two more locations still exist in the Spokane, they include...

MacKenzie River Pizza- North Spokane -
9225 N. Nevada

Mackenzie River Pizza- South Hill -
2910 E. 57th Ave. Suite E

Plan to open Knife Burger Bar abandoned

A group of local restaurant owners have scrapped plans to open a new restaurant called Knife Burger Bar in Downtown Spokane. The plan suffered several delays due to issue with their plans vs. the historic building, which is also the reason for walking away.

Knife Burger Bar was originally planned to be in the former Agave Latin Bistro space in the Michael Building at the corner of Sprague & Lincoln. The space will now likely go back up for lease, along with a smaller storefront in the same building which was once rumored to be developed into a new coffee shop.