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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Green Acres Vendor Mall opens in Spokane Valley, has big plans

You may know this businesses address ( 17905 E. Appleway, Spokane Valley ) as the home of Shele's Bargain Barn, a thrift store that was in the news not long ago. The store site, which is also the owners home, was at risk of foreclosure ( due to health issues ) and was saved via selling off the remaining merchandise and some other "donations".

While it was saved, the business half of the site has gone to a new owner, who has now reopened it as a unique, locally owned and operated small business. The new business is a vendor mall consisting of over 30 different vendors, taking up 4,400 square feet of space. The store, which is now called Green Acres Vendor Mall has a bit of everything, in a clean and pleasant set up. Crafts, candles, jewelry, gifts and so much more can be found in every corner of the store.

The building is also home to another new small business, a locally owned and operated used bike shop, called Dirty Peddlers Bicycle Co-Op Shop takes up a section of the site and offers a large selection of used bikes for all ages and uses. A great alterative to purchasing an expensive bicycle from one of the big box stores.

But, while the new Green Acres Vendor Mall is a cool new business itself, the owners have big plans for the future. A coffee shop and bistro ( called Wake & Bake Coffee and 2 Phat Chix Sammies) are planned to open sometime next year and the space " out back " of the store will become a new flea market called River City Flea. A community garden space and food truck court are also among the incredibly exciting plans for the site, which is convenient to both Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake.

New vendors are still moving in and new merchandise is always being added, making this new store worth a visit. For more information on Green Acres Vendor Mall, find them on Facebook at-