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Monday, December 21, 2015

New building planned for Kendall Yards' business district

Described just as " Kendall Yards Bluff Building " is a new purposed building to built in the heart of Kendall Yards. The plan calls for the new commercial building to be built facing W. Summit Pkwy, on the vacant lot in-between Spa Paradiso and Nectar Beer & Wine.

This last week Kendall Yards developers met for a " pre development conference " with the City . Meaning the design is likely not yet set in stone, and likely no tenants have been guaranteed for the new building. But if built as is the building will feature two or three new storefronts on Summit and a exciting new feature on the back half.

The Bluff Building's plans show a large new patio and balcony overlooking the Spokane River gorge, promising an amazing view of the River, the Monroe St. Bridge and Downtown. The Patio, which also backs up to the Centennial Trail , is shown being used for seating for another highlight of the new building, a food court.

In the current plan the back side of the building will be a small market style food court, likely with small local vendors, maybe some local farms even.

We will keep watching for more as we do expect this building to come to reality in the near future. Many other projects as also in the works for the same area, which we also continue to watch.