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Monday, February 1, 2016

Panera Bread to replace Burger King in Hayden

First announced back in September is a new Panera Bread restaurant location in Hayden, one of the first Panera Bread locations in the State of Idaho. But, when the plans for the new location came out, Panera rep's we're unable to say exactly where because they planned to remove a building, that was still in business, for their location.

But we now know where this location will be and which building will be demolished for Panera. The new Hayden Panera Bread will be built in the place of the Hayden Burger King just north of the corner of US 95 and Prairie Ave. on a pad site at the Prairie Shopping Center.

The Burger King location closed for business a little more then a week ago and workers are currently moving the restaurant's contents out. Here is a look at the building for reference-

Construction work on the new Panera Bread location will start shortly after the demolition is completed. The Panera Bread will likely be like other Panera locations around the country, usually 5,000 square feet with dine in and drive through, and 65 employees.

The Hayden location will open in August or September of this year and will be the third location for the chain in the Inland Northwest. The first location on Indiana Pkwy, near Spokane Valley Mall opened in 2015 and a second location on N. Division, out front of Lowe's in North Spokane is opening soon.

Panera Bread is chain of restaurant providing a healthy fast food option. The chain, which is based in Kirkwood,MO has grown rapidly in recent years, now with over 2,000 restaurants.

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