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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Hop Shop closing it's doors

A locally owned & operated favorite craft beer bar on the South Hill will close their doors for good very soon. The Hop Shop, which has spent the last few years serving up fresh and often locally produced beers and wines is being forced closed after negations to renew their lease broke down.

The business, which is located at 3803 S. Grand Ave ( corner of 38th Ave. & Grand ) was unable to renew the lease on the building from their Seattle based landlord. And, now the landlord, has re-leased their building to the owners of Remedy, a new bar & restaurant that is opening soon next door in a former dry cleaner's building. Although there is no news about what Remedy's plans are with the building there is a rumor it will be removed for additional parking for their new restaurant.

The Hop Shop will close their doors at the end of February and the business as it is today will also close. However the business owners may not be out of business for good. In a recent post on another website, business owner, Mel Wood claims to be already planning another new and larger craft beer based business elsewhere on the South Hill. We will keep an eye on this exciting new business plan.

The Hop Shop also recently started a craft beer food truck ( or bus as the case may be ) named The Tap Mobile. That bus will also continue on and be a part of the plan for the new business.

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