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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vessel Coffee Roasters opening new flagship coffee shop on N. Monroe.

Vessel Coffee Roasters, is a relatively new Spokane based craft coffee roasting business. Their name may not be known by everyone in Spokane just yet, but that will likely change in the coming months. This as Vessel is in the planning process of creating a flagship coffee shop to brew up their delicious coffee to the general public. According to Vessel, this new coffee shop may serve as many 40,000 cups of their coffee each year.

The new Vessel Coffee Roasters coffee shop will be in the N. Monroe area, a few block north of Downtown Spokane. The exact location is the building at 2823 N. Monroe St. , a couple of block to the west of Corbin Park. As of now they don't mention a name for this new coffee shop, but are clearly hard at work getting it open for business. The coffee shop will be located in the same building as their coffee roasting operations.

The new coffee shop, is being funded in part by an online fundraising campaign on the Community Sourced Capital website. They are asking for a $15,000 minimum loan amount with a campaign closing date on Feb. 28th. As of my writing this they already have $900 of the loan funded, which is a pretty good start for the first few days out of the gate. To check out how you can donate to the cause, check out their campaign website at-

The new flagship coffee shop, will have numerous unique features, including re-using reclaimed wood from a dock on Lake Coeur d' Alene. Also they promise to have couches, industrial lighting, hanging bike racks, local artwork and a warm fireplace. And, of course coffee, brewed locally by a locally owned and operated business.

Currently they hope to open their new coffee shop for business sometime in the Spring, but don't have a set opening date as of yet. If all goes as planned it will create 10 new jobs and open up about 2 new intern positions which will be paid and given to local at risk youth.

Vessel Coffee Roasters, produces several different types of coffees already, all of which are sold on their website ( and in some other locations ). They produce both coffee and espresso and will likely continue to grow their offerings as time goes by.  Vessel also is trying to give back, by investing 10% of their roasted coffee sales into a fund that give continual microfinance loans to people living in poverty.

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