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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yoke's Fresh Market now open in Liberty Lake

While the official grand opening celebration won't be until March 2nd. Yesterday, Feb. 24th marked the first day open for business at Yoke's Fresh Markets newest location. That location is in the former Safeway ( and Haggen, for a short time ) at 1233 N. Liberty Lake Rd. We we're able to check out this newly remodeled grocery store, and to say we're impressed is an understatement....

We realize it's only their first day, but the store is clean, well stocked and with friendly faces to show you where to go to get what you need. And, you can find most anything with the store being a full grocery store with meat, bakery , produce and even a new in store pharmacy.

But, the new Liberty Lake Yoke's takes it one step further then being a standard grocery store. This new Yoke's store also has a large healthy options / gluten free food department, near the front of the store called Nature's Corner.

Also, towards the front of the store is a full deli, that even includes hot foods like hamburgers and sandwiches . Adjacent to the deli is a new espresso stand, with plenty of coffee drink options to get you thru your day. And, if your wanting to get your drink or prepared meal and eat it in the store, you can ! The Liberty Lake Yoke's store also has a full seating area with fireplace and TV, seen here...

And, if you follow along with the posts of this site, you'll surely know I love my locally brewed craft beers. And, just like other Yoke's stores the selection at the new Liberty Lake location is wonderful. Many single craft beers and hard ciders, an entire department of six pack craft beers, pretty much a beer option for every occasion. The wine selections is also great, well stocked and easy to find, here is a look at the wine department and the front end of the store...

A department of liquors are also available in a secure area, nearby the customer service desk.

And, a look at the back end of the new Liberty Lake Yoke's Fresh Market-

The opening of this new location likely did create some new jobs for the City of Liberty Lake. Although those totals are not completely accurate as some employees, simply came over from the Haggen grocery store that had been in the same building. That store closed, along with numerous others after Haggen attempted to purchase far too many of Safeway's former grocery store locations.

The new Liberty Lake Yoke's will be open for business daily from 5am - midnight , with shorter hours for the pharmacy ( contact the store for more info... ) .

This new location will be the chain's 13th grocery store location. Those not familiar with Yoke's Fresh Market will want to make note that they are a locally owned and operated company, that is owned by it's employees. The Yoke's chain has seen some growth lately, also adding a location in the Tri-Cities not long ago, and wrapping up a full remodel of their store at 210 N. Foothills Dr. in Spokane recently.

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