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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

" Nettleton Corners " business complex moving forward at Kendall Yards

Late last week we mentioned Kendall Yards' developers plans to add new commercial buildings west of the already up and coming Kendall Yards Business District. We are now learning a bit more about this portion of the development and what we may see open for business there.

The buildings are apparently being called Nettleton Corners and will have construction starting in the coming weeks at the corner of W. Summit Pkwy & Nettleton Ave. , and is adjacent to the Olmstead Green city park. The development area will consist of 2 buildings and will have access to the Centennial Trail in addition to views of the Spokane River & Downtown Spokane.

Because it's currently early in the development process exact business names can't be released but they're are businesses already lined up to open in the Nettleton Corners section, here is what we are learning is planned-

- Brewery or brew pub ( possibly the Kendall Yards Brewing Co we once mentioned but have yet to see )

- a Mediterranean restaurant

- A market that will house a deli, coffee shop and ice cream parlor .

- A small boutique hotel

Some space is also still available for lease and the project should be complete by Spring or early Summer of 2017. Here is a look at a rendering of the planned buildings-

While Nettleton Corners is perhaps the biggest recent development to come from the uber successful Kendall Yards development it's far from the only thing in the works there. Many new homes & condo's are being built, a couple of new additions are coming to the Kendall Yards Business District, more apartments are planned , a grocery store called My Fresh Market and a new medical office building are all in various stages of construction.

We will continue to watch for more on this and all the other developments at Kendall Yards!