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Thursday, August 18, 2016

New retail / restaurants planned west of Olmstead Green in Kendall Yards

With few vacancies in all sections of Kendall Yards, the developers are going full steam ahead with the development that is proving to be one of the most successful in the Lilac City. New homes and new condos are rising and there is plans for a major expansion of the development's apartment community, The Highline at Kendall Yards .

The commercial side of the development is growing too, with the recent announcement of My Fresh Market, a new grocery store to be built in the development at W. Summit Pkwy & N. Monroe. And the spaces in the main Kendall Yards Business District are mostly occupied with a few more tenant spaces in the works there too.

Now, Kendall Yards' management has made the announcement that the commercial area of the development will be expanding westward with 2 new buildings being planned just west of the Olmstead Green Park near the corner of W. Summit Pkwy & Nettleton Ave. . The buildings will continue on with Kendall Yards' modern architectural style and like the other most of the other parts of the development, the building will have direct access to the Centennial Trail and sweeping views of the Spokane River and the Downtown Spokane skyline.

Construction on the new buildings is still coming, but won't be far away as Kendall Yards estimates the buildings will be complete and ready to open for business in the Spring or Summer of 2017. Businesses have already been lined up to open in the new buildings but they decline to say who just yet. Some space is also available for lease, and more information on those spaces can be obtained via Adam Jones of Greenstone Homes at 509-368-1810 .