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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cooper George Building to be renovated into apartments

Note: This article is developing and will probably be updated again in the future.

South Hill Senior Living, the current assisted living center tenant of Spokane's Cooper George building is closing it's doors. They will leave the building at the beginning of May and staff and the state is currently working to find new homes for center's resident's, many of which have already relocated. 

But, while it is sad for the closure of the assisted living community. The future of the building itself is bright...

We have discovered that the Cooper George building, a 13 story building built at 707 W. 5th Ave, will be converted into a multi family apartment complex. Renovations will likely start this spring or early Summer with a new owner at the helm. The building will now be owned by an un-named Oregon based developer who is using the name Cooper George,LLC .

At this point not much is known about the apartments themselves to be built in the building but there will be a full remodel before the complex opens. The developers plan to add a fitness center and split up the historic high rise into about 144 apartments.

The building, when it re-opens will likely be in high demand as it will be just blocks away from Downtown with some apartments likely having views of the skyline. The neighborhood is also adequately served by a few STA bus lines and surrounded by some of Spokane's largest employers. Keep watching as we'll likely have more on the project, like apartment features , rent rates and opening date in the future.