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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Update- New apartment building rising at Sprague & Madelia

Community Frameworks latest apartment building construction project is now well underway in a neighborhood of Spokane that has been in need of revitalization.

A long E. Sprague at the corner of Sprague & Madelia where a used car lot had operated is now the frame of a 3 story building to be occupied by affordably priced apartments. The building will have 36 rental units and should be ready for occupancy around October of this year.

A second phase of this project is to include a handful of townhomes behind the main building. This portion of the project is on a slightly different schedule and will be done closer to the end of the year. The project will be call 1 South Madelia , a reflection of the building's address and the second major apartment project recently for Community Frameworks who recently completed 315 West, north of Downtown. This project also joins the Sprague Union Terrace building in providing new housing and community spaces for the neighborhood.

Community Frameworks doesn't mention this project as of yet on their website, but they will. And for more information on their many programs / already open apartment developments, visit-