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Monday, March 13, 2017

Call for help: A new store at 37th & Grand?

Unfortunately, two Albertson's stores in Spokane closed their doors earlier this year due to lagging sales figures. But, we keep hearing a rumor about a plan for one of those two stores, yet in our research we are coming up with nothing...

Sure these maybe just rumors but I figured I'd give this a try. And, ask my amazing readers if they have any credible information on if a new store is coming into the former Albertson's store at 37th & Grand on the South Hill ???

One rumor even surrounds a chain that would be new to Spokane. It looks like there is a post about this on the South Hill NextDoor page but I unfortunately don't live on the South Hill so I can't log into that part of the NextDoor site. I'd love to share the news ( if there is news here... ) so I will be eternally grateful to anyone's help, if you know something, contact me anytime at-

Or, contact out page on Facebook at-