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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spokane / Coeur d' Alene to lose more Radio Shack stores under bankruptcy filing

Radio Shack, a Fort Worth,TX based chain of electronics stores unfortunately filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. This is their second time filing after the company entered and successfully exited bankruptcy in 2015 but not before shedding some 2400 stores nationwide.

Expects say Radio Shack may not be able to recover from this filing but so far no news has been officially announced on that front. Currently the chain is planning to close a little under 200 more stores and sadly it looks like 2 of the those closures are stores in our area. These locations include...

Radio Shack- Francis
1910 W. Francis Ave. ,Spokane

Radio Shack- Coeur d' Alene Town Center shopping center
131 E. Best Ave, Coeur d' Alene

Both of these locations will host clearance sales which have already started. And good news is neither will become vacant. This because after Radio Shack's last bankruptcy their existing stores became half Radio Shack and half Sprint cell phone store. In the case of both of these locations they will just become Sprint locations. However it is not mentioned if this means employee lay offs or not.

For the time being Radio Shack will also maintain 2 Spokane locations, even though this round of closures leaves Coeur d' Alene with no locations. The 2 local Radio Shacks not included in the closures ( but, this may change... ) are at Lincoln Heights shopping center ( 2829 E. 29th Ave. ) and 13516 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley.

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