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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Washington Trust Bank to remove several South Hill buildings for new branch / eatery

It's a bit of a controversial project as it involves the demolition of 5 homes, a commercial building and a drive though coffee stand. But, Washington Trust Bank is moving forward with what they believe is a project that will benefit the South Hill neighborhood that it is to be built in.

The project calls for a site on the east side of the 3100 block of S. Grand to be redeveloped into a new branch for the bank , a restaurant and a surface parking area. This site is just feet away from an open for business branch of Washington Trust , which is smaller then the new planned branch and outdated. That branch will be relocated to this new site once it completed.

A new modern looking bank branch would be on the northern side of the site, directly at the corner of 31st & Grand. A driveway would be installed mid block to access the parking which would be on the back portion of the site. To the south at the corner of 32nd & Grand is where a new restaurant will be built although the name of that restaurant has yet to be released or even when that might get built.

There is no set opening date for the new bank location and no known timeline for the removal of the homes. However Washington Trust Bank has filed for permit with the city for demolition and grading at the site. It is said that the homes they plan to remove we're all vacant or rental properties, although they do have a significant history which is part of the reason behind the controversy on this project which has many of the site's neighbors upset over the news of this project.

What do you think, will this Washington Trust Bank project benefit the neighborhood / city or should they look elsewhere? Let us know what you think in the comments section of this story on our Facebook at