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Saturday, January 30, 2021

More projects being added to our " Current Construction Projects " list...

 Did you know we have an entire page on this site that acts as a list of current construction projects happening in the Spokane area? It's not always going to be a complete list, but it's meant to be a handy reference for those wondering what is going on somewhere.

And, I'm adding a few more projects to the list! Ones that look like they might start soon, one or two I just plain forgot in my last update,etc...

If you don't see a project listed, email me at and I'll see what I can find out about it. Here is what I'm adding...

McFarlane Industrial Park ( Airway Heights / West Plains )

Planned to be geared towards ecommerce tenants, construction is happening on a new 187,000 square foot warehouse building at 12315 W. McFarlane Rd. , just east of Exotic Metals Forming on the South side of Airway Heights. The developer of this project has done work in larger metropolitan markets and says the building could house upwards of 12 tenants.

Industrial projects north of Spokane International Airport ( Airway Heights / West Plains )

Recently, Triumph which operates one the largest industrial plants in the area ( at US 2 and Flint Rd ) announced they plan to close their plant in 2022. But the land directly south of their facility is about to take off with new facilities from other companies! These will be:

McKinistry, planning a 67,500 square foot warehouse

Puget Sound Pipe, planning a 19,600 square foot warehouse / office space

Selkirk Pharma, planning a 147,600 square foot manufacturing facility with office space.

Also, given the current market I personally don't see the Triumph facility staying vacant for too long. Although it may get divided up? I'm planning to keep an eye on that too.

Eastern Washington International Housing ( Downtown Spokane )

This plan has gone through a few versions, starting as a high rise with a public market space. But, permits have now been issued for the facility with will be at 2020 W. 7th, just south of I-90. 

The permit indicates it is now to be a 5 story mixed use building. In the original version I believe it was intended to provide housing for International students, we'll be looking into where the projects stands in the coming weeks.

Uprise Brewery ( Kendall Yards / Downtown Spokane )

Demolition crews have been busy at work removing a former warehouse, that I believe was once a bakery from the site at 617 N. Ash St. just north of Kendall Yards. Although I don't know that full plan just yet permits are now pending to replace the building with a 6500 square foot building to house a business called Uprise Brewery.

Plans call for a brewery / restaurant and "boarding house".

206 W. Riverside ( Downtown Spokane )

Sitting at the corner of Riverside and Browne in Downtown Spokane is under-utilized lot with part of a former drive up Sterling Savings Bank ( now closed ) and some parking that I believe is all monthly permit spaces.

But, that will be changing soon as permits for both the building are site grading to build a new mixed use building on the site. Plans are calling for a 5 story building with parking below, it would include ground floor commercial space and 138 apartments.

Radio Park Apartments ( South Hill )

Permits are pending for a large new apartment development that will be unique for our area. The apartments are the first phase of development on the " KXLY site " across S. Regal from the South Hill Target store. It will be built in two phases, each having 147 apartments on multiple floors wrapped around a central parking structure, a common development technique used in Texas' metro areas.

A commercial area will likely include shops and restaurants in front of the new apartments but that will come in a future portion of the development that doesn't have a timeline. 

Clemson Commercial Park ( Spokane Valley )

Permits are pending for a large expansion to the Clemson Commercial Park, off of Mamer Rd. and close by to the I-90 Evergreen Rd. interchange. 

Plans are calling for a $2 million dollar project that would add three new buildings with a total of 41,200 square feet of new with several new tenants in what appears to be flex ( commercial / light ind. ) space.

Magnolia Place ( Spokane Valley )

Plans are coming along for Magnolia Place , a development of assisted living and memory care housing to be built at 16522 E. Desmet Ct, nearby Indiana Pkwy and I-90 in Spokane Valley.

Early plans show a 53,400 square foot facility with 80 assisted living units and 44 memory care units housing about 124 residents.

Euclid Logistics Center ( Spokane Valley )

Being built adjacent to the Spokane Business & Industrial Park off of Euclid Rd is the Euclid Logistics Center. The first built has already been built with 120,000 square feet and almost completely leased already. A second building of similar size is under construction now.

Once fully built out the Euclid Logistics Center will have four building and over 500,000 square feet of new warehouse / industrial space.

Flora Rd. Apartments / mixed use ( Spokane Valley )

Planned at 1215 N. Flora Rd is what will someday be a large apartment complex. The project will be built in phases and when built out will include 290 apartments in two five story buildings and 9,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor of the building closest to Flora Rd itself.

The first building is the first phase with 141 market rate apartments and the commercial space.

Western States Equipment ( Liberty Lake )

After some delays pertaining to the roadways around the site / traffic , the project to open a large new Western States CAT equipment dealership will be moving forward in the coming weeks at 20150 E. Cataldo in Liberty Lake ( on the Spokane Valley city limits also ).

Plans call for a new 46,000 square foot equipment shop, 15,000 square foot parts warehouse, 15,000 square foot hydraulics and spec shop in addition to office space and sales yard areas. All visible from I-90 next door to the Camping World RV Dealership.

The Point at Liberty Lake ( Liberty Lake )

The Point at Liberty Lake will be a new commercial development, planned to be built in phases on the western edge of the City of Liberty Lake. The site's address is 19501 E. Appleway.

Once fully built out the development will include four 4,000 square foot warehouses, a 2,000 square foot RV wash, two retail buildings with 6,830 square feet and a fast food restaurant. The warehouses and RV wash will likely be built in the first phase.